About Us

Ubrand Promotional INC. has been at the top of the promo product game for 12 years, always delivering top-notch swag for our clients. We're all about crafting custom gear that hits just right for what you need.

We're dead set on hooking you up with the freshest, highest quality products out there. We figure, by rolling out innovative, solid, top-tier stuff, we're setting up a win-win for both you and us.

Our products are top-notch, made and printed to the highest quality standards. We're all about giving our customers bang for their buck. Known for our innovative designs, cutting-edge tech, and premium materials, we're a hit. We're all in on keeping our service and quality up there by delivering timely, comprehensive after-sales support.

Our mission: To create a win-win for both our customers and us by dishing out high-quality, unique promo products, best service, and staying tight with our customers. We believe in building higher brand value for our clients through teamwork.

We're famous for our stellar products, after-sales service, and dedicated teamwork. Committed to rolling out new products, unique designs, and top-tier after-sales support, we're here to keep things fresh for our customers.